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Unplugged [Live] 
2,000 Man Rock Mick Jagger, Keith Richard $0,99 
A World Without Heroes Rock Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Bob Ezrin, Lewis Reed $0,99 
Beth Rock Peter Criss, Stan Penridge, Bob Ezrin $0,99 
Comin' Home Rock Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley $0,99 
Do You Love Me Rock Paul Stanley, Bob Ezrin, Kim Fowley $0,99 
Domino Rock Gene Simmons $0,99 
Every Time I Look At You Rock Paul Stanley, Vincent Cusano $0,99 
Goin' Blind Rock Gene Simmons, Stephen Coronel $0,99 
I Still Love You Rock Paul Stanley $0,99 
Nothin' To Lose Rock Gene Simmons $0,99 
Plaster Caster Rock Gene Simmons $0,99 
Rock And Roll All Nite Rock Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons $0,99 
Rock Bottom Rock Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley $0,99 
See You Tonight Rock Gene Simmons $0,99 
Sure Know Something Rock Paul Stanley, Vincent Poncia $0,99 
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