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Album Of The Year 
Ashes To Ashes Alternative & Punk Bill Gould/Jon Hudson/Mike Bordin/Mike Patton/Roddy Bottum $0,99 
Collision Alternative & Punk Jon Hudson/Mike Patton $0,99 
Got That Feeling Alternative & Punk Mike Patton $0,99 
Helpless Alternative & Punk Bill Gould/Mike Bordin/Mike Patton $0,99 
Home Sick Home Alternative & Punk Mike Patton $0,99 
Last Cup Of Sorrow Alternative & Punk Bill Gould/Mike Patton $0,99 
Mouth To Mouth Alternative & Punk Bill Gould/Jon Hudson/Mike Bordin/Mike Patton $0,99 
Naked In Front Of The Computer Alternative & Punk Mike Patton $0,99 
Paths Of Glory Alternative & Punk Bill Gould/Jon Hudson/Mike Bordin/Mike Patton/Roddy Bottum $0,99 
Pristina Alternative & Punk Bill Gould/Mike Patton $0,99 
She Loves Me Not Alternative & Punk Bill Gould/Mike Bordin/Mike Patton $0,99 
Stripsearch Alternative & Punk Jon Hudson/Mike Bordin/Mike Patton $0,99 
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