Evolutility.org 4.1

Evolutility Dictionary Database

"EvoDico" is the database containing the definition of your web applications. With it, there is no more XML, the applications descriptions are stored in the database and edited directly with the application itself.


The XML schema was ported to the following database structure:

Technical details:

  • Creating one DB table per XML element and one DB column per XML attribute. We have 4 elements in the meta-model: form, data, panel, and field. These become 4 database tables.
  • As the relationship between form and data is a 1-to-1, we can normalize the schema by gathering them together in the same table.
  • Let's also add a table for the necessary list of value (here field types).
  • Let's prefix our tables with "EvoDico_" to indicate what the table set for "Evolutility Dictionary".
  • Finally (not showing in the schema), let's add a trigger to automatically delete fields and panels of a form when it gets deleted.
Database table XML element
EvoDico_Form form
EvoDico_Form data
EvoDico_Panel panel
EvoDico_Field field
EvoDico_FieldType field attribute: type

Stored procedures and views Description
EvoDico_Form_Get Stored procedure to retrieve application definitions by ID.
EvoDico_Form_GetHelp Stored procedure to retrieve application help.
EvoDico_xField field
EvoDico_xFormPanels panel
EvoDico_vFieldType panel
EvoDico_vPanel field
EvoDico_xPanel panel
EvoDocV_Field field

Evolutility Dictionary database also requires Evolutility database pre-requisites.