Evolutility.org 4.1


Evolutility Dictionary is an application built with Evolutility. It will have the same requirements, and a few additional ones.

Installing the download

To setup EvoDico:

  1. Copy the directory "EvoDico" which contains the web site to your web server.
  2. Create a new SQL Server database
  3. Change the database connection string in the "appSettings" section of the Web.config file (or in every ASPX page).
  4. Run the SQL scripts which are in the "SQL" directory on your database in the following order:
    1. EVOL-Common.sql
    2. EVOL-MultiUsers.sql
    3. EvoDico.sql
    4. DBObjects.sql

To login to EvoDico:

  • The default administrator login/password is Evol/Love
  • Valid users login/password are John/John and Mary/Mary

Integrating Evolutility in your web site


Evolutility.UIServer.dll - Evolutility Web control
Evolutility.DataServer.dll - Http handler for dependent fields
Evolutility.Toolbar.dll - Toolbar (optional)
Evolutility.ExportWizard.dll - Data export (optional)
Evolutility.Wizards.dll - Application Wizards

Client-side resources

lang - Translations
EvoDico.js - Javascript library
EvolUtility.js - Javascript library
EvolDate.js - Widget for dates
Evol.css - Stylesheet
EvolWiz.css - Stylesheet
EvolUI.gif - Sprites for UI elements
1to9.gif - Sprites for the step wizards

Database pre-requisites

Before running Evolutility Dictionary, you will need to run the SQL scripts coming with the download. These scripts contain the necessary database objects (prefixed "EvoDico").

More information on Evolutility database pre-requisites.

Accessing the component definition (metadata)

Each application component is linked to an XML document. You must create a directory on the server to store your XML files and use the control property XMLFile to specify the path to it's metadata. 

Example: XMLFile= "XML/addressbook.xml"