Evolutility.org 4.1

Get involved

Evolutility is a young open source project. We can definitly use your help.

Easy ways you can help Evolutility:

  • Tell your family, friends and colleagues about Evolutility
  • Let us know if anything doesn't work or could be improved by submitting a bug at SourceForge
  • Let us know what you do with Evolutility, share your story

For the more technically-oriented:

  • Help with the documentation
  • Translate Evolutility in another language
  • Fix a bug or contribute code to the project
  • Publish and share a web application

Thanks to our contributors

We would like to give thanks to people who contributed to Evolutility.

We would also like to give credit to people who let us use some of their work:

  • Mark James for his fantastic set of icons Silk Icons
  • Julian Robichaux for his Date Picker widget
  • Emanuele Feronato for her Lightbox emanueleferonato.com

Bug fixes and other improvements:

  • Terry Kernan for helping with cross-browser issues


  • Catalan Catalan by Oscar Benadi.
  • Chinese Chinese (Simplified) by Sam Zhou.
  • Danish Danish by Henrik Holm.
  • English English by Olivier Giulieri.
  • French French by Eddy Boels.
  • German German by Joachim Seidel.
  • Hindi Hindi by P.K.Agarwal.
  • Italian Italian by Pier Giuseppe Meo.
  • Japanese Japanese by Kazue Watanabe.
  • Persian Persian (Farsi) by Sohail Abbasi.
  • Portuguese Portuguese by Gilberto Botaro.
  • Romanian Romanian by Cosmin Munteanu.
  • Spanish Spanish by Gilberto Botaro.
  • Spanish Turkish by Davut Engin.