Evolutility.org 4.1

Evolutility Overview

Evolutility is a generic CRUD web applications running on Microsoft ASP.net, and SQL Server or MySQL databases.

You may think of it as a "dynamic scaffolding" or "metadata-driven MVC" that generates all web pages at run-time, and can be modified by editing metadata (screen definitions and database mapping) instead of code.

With Evolutility the user interface (e.g. fields titles, positions, visual groups, CSS classes) and its database mapping (e.g. tables, columns, stored procedures) are not defined in the code but in external metadata (stored as XML files or in the database). Evolutility web control can be nested into any ASP.net page. It will generate at run-time all necessary web forms, manage user interaction, and database CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations automatically.

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Different views of the data

To perform the full range of CRUD operations on any database table, we need the following forms. Using Evolutility, these forms are generated at run-time:


Displays all fields for viewing, 1 record at a time. 



Displays all fields for editing, 1 record at a time. 



Displays the most important fields for multiple rows of records.



Draws a few charts of the data.



Export of selections in standard formats (Excel, HTML, CSV, XML, or SQL), one or several records at the same time.  



Query by example form for searching records.


Mass Update

Update for multiple records at once.


Advanced Search

Form for advanced queries such as "phone number start by 415" or "for categories Finances and Business"... 



List of canned queries.



User Login screen.


With Evolutility, these web forms are not physical pages anymore but simply different modes of the same page. Most of your application screens can be built automatically by mapping different set of database tables to the former set of "virtual pages".