Evolutility.org 4.1

Evolutility Features

Evolutility is the only open source metadata-driven framework covering at the same time the UI and the database dynamically without requiring and hand-coding.

All other products of that kind (SalesForce, Intuit QuickBase...) are SaaS platforms who do not let you host your applications on your own server, even less look at the source code.

Full UI for CRUD interaction

Full CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)... plus charts, search and advanced search, login, export, and pre-defined selections on one single physical page.

Multi-users environment

Multiple security models for password protection, row level security, sharing...
Live demo.


Information sharing, comments postings, forums...
Live demo.


CRUD functions, in-place editing grid for details.

Integrated Rich Text Editor

WYSIWYG editor in the browser for HTML fields with NicEdit.


Evolutility is available in 14 languages: CatalanCatalan, ChineseChinese (simplified), DanishDanish, EnglishEnglish, FrenchFrench, FarsiFarsi, GermanGerman, HindiHindi, ItalianItalian, JapaneseJapanese, PortuguesePortuguese, RomanianRomanian, SpanishSpanish, and TurkishTurkish.
Live demo.

Multiple export formats

Live demo.

Source code available

Flexibility of customizations, easier debugging with break points.

Fully metadata-driven

No code is required, applications are fully defined by their metadata.

Application definitions are stored in XML

or directly in the database.

Cross-browser support

Supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Light-weight footprint

Uses Javascript, CSS, and Sprites to reduce network traffic and response time.

Easy to integrate

Include Evolutility web control in any ASP.net page and start using custom CRUD on your database.